About Us

Amaranthine is a brand originating from Indonesia and based in Jakarta, founded in 2009 by Ihat Malihat. Initially this brand was named Kawaii, then in 2013, it changed its name to Amaranthine (copyright). Amaranthine is a handmade fashion line that focuses on quality so that it is expected to be able to compete with international products. Amaranthine comes with a design character that is timeless, simple, classic, elegant yet innovative. Seeing the amount of concern from women regarding ready-to-wear clothes in the market that do not suit their body type, Amaranthine is there for women who want to look better in various types of events, wearing form-fitting, flattering clothes, supported by the best quality of raw materials to maximize the results of good design according to its tagline: Sophisticated, Enchant & Passionate. The Amaranthine logo itself has a heart which means it’s made wholeheartedly and hopes that it will always be accepted by the people with pleasure.